Zavac is the main antagonist in the first three books of The Brotherband Chronicles.

History Edit

Little is known about Zavac's history prior to the start of the series.

The Outcasts Edit

In The Outcasts, Zavac is responsible for sinking some Skandian trading ships including The Spraydancer, The Golden Sun, and The Rainbow, and murdering the sailors on board. He then learned about The Andomal from the skipper whom he captured (and then killed). He then goes to Hallasholm and later robs a precious Skandian artifact called The Andomal; The Herons were guarding it but fell asleep and were then disbanded by Erak due to the disgrace. He first appears on page 106.

The Invaders Edit

In the second book Zavac attacks the town of Limmat and kills many of the inhabitants there with his band of pirates. However, he is defeated and driven out by the Herons. He is nearly taken by the Herons and the crew of Wolfwind, but with the Raven he nearly sank The Wolfwind with his hardened iron ram and escaped.

The Hunters Edit

When they challenged each other in Raguza, Zavac came close to killing Hal with a long dagger, but stopped when Thorn put the grabbing hook Hal made him around Zavac's wrist and pulled it so tightly that bones broke in his wrist. Then, Thorn jammed the grabbing hook in a "V" shaped frame, pinning Zavac to The Raven and Ingvar sunk it with a massive axe. He went down with his ship.

Description Edit

He is a man in his forties. He is a slender, rather tall Magyaran pirate. He is feared over the Stormwhite sea and was a regular visitor of Raguza.

Skills Edit

He is proficient with the average sword, and he has a hook, and there is the possibility that he is a good archer, although that is not known. Although he is a captain, he is sadly deficient at steering, as seen in The Invaders, when he accidentally ran The Raven aground when he was trying to run away from Limmat. For this reason, he usually gave the job of the helm to his first mate.