World Map

A map of the world of Ranger's Apprentice and Brotherband

The World of John Flanagan is one similar to medieval Europe with parts of northern Africa and Asia incorporated. In fact, many of the nations from the series are similar to medieval versions of their real-life counterparts.

Nation Comparison Guide Edit

Real World Counterpart Similar Features
Alpina Switzerland/Austria
  • Name based on Latin name of Central European Alpine Region
  • Mountainous Terrain
Araluen Medieval England
  • Land divided between aristocracy
  • Military - iconic knights and archers
  • Monarchy
Arrida Fatimid Caliphate Possibly Umayyad Caliphate (Northern Africa as well as Arabia)
  • Desert country
  • Same ethnic groups
  • Powerful military
Aslava Russia/ Kievan Rus
  • Slav is in the name Aslava
  • Slightly similar histories
Byzantos Byzantine Empire
  • Split off of Toscana
  • Powerful Navy
  • Lots of maritime trade
  • Led by an Emperor
Celtica Medieval Wales
  • Minor nation on island
  • Good relations with neighbors
  • Fairly weak army
  • Mining
Eastern Steppes/Temujai Mongol Empire
  • Powerful horse archers/cavalry
  • Large empire
  • Similar tactics and army
  • Temüjin was Genghis Khan's birth name
Gallica Medieval France
  • People speak French
  • Country split up between factions
  • Good wine and cooks
Hibernia Medieval Ireland
  • Customs similar to Medieval Ireland
  • Divided between six kingdoms
  • Hibernia is Latin for Ireland
Iberion Medival Spain
  • Many sailors
  • Use hired assassins
  • Spanish names/language
  • Name similar to Iberian Peninsula, where Spain is located
Magyara Medieval Hungary
Nihon-Ja Samurai dominated Japan Possibly in the Kamakura Period
  • Customs similar to Medieval Japan
  • Feudal system same as Medieval Japan
  • Language based on Japanese
Picta Celtic and medieval Scotland
  • Divided between tribal chiefdoms
  • No centralised government
  • Blue woad face paint and tattoos
Skandia Early medieval Scandinavia
  • Similar culture
  • Raiding foreign coasts
  • Similar politics and titles (i.e. Jarl)
  • Similar religion
Sonderland Medieval Greenland or Iceland
  • Large, northern islands
  • Similar terrain
Toscano Roman Empire
  • Fighting style like the Romans
  • Ranking works similar
  • Export of olive oil
  • Italian/Latin language
Teutlandt Germany
  • "Teutlandt" is close to "Teutonland" which is german for Germany