An artist's conception of what wargals probably look like.

Wargals were a peaceful, childlike ancient race of humanoid bear or large dog-like creatures. They used to be mind-controlled by Morgarath who made them vicious until Horace killed him in The Burning Bridge.

In the Books Edit

The villainous former baron Morgarath obtained mind-control over a large number of Wargals, manipulating them as his personal army against Araluen. Wargals are known to be completely savage and merciless in battle and without fear of anything except horses. This is said to be due to their defeat in the first war where heavily armed cavalry destroyed the army. They aren't intelligent enough to speak, except for a few cases, and they communicate by deep, guttural grunts, or by mental command. They have developed a very simple form of mental communication, and due to their low intelligence level, Morgarath was able to use his much greater intelligence to enslave them with the use of their own mental communication. Very few of them have been taught to speak; the ones that can speak do so in a strange monotone. When they travel or fight, they keep time by a wordless chanting.

The Wargals are often called the Unminded Ones, because they almost always finish something they start. Because they are so simple-minded, they are rarely afraid of anything. Likewise, they can only follow basic commands given by Morgarath or their general. However, they are known to have retreated in fear once, at the hands of Daniel, father of Will, who stood over Halt and protected him from the Wargals. When the Wargals found out how ferocious Daniel was in battle, they started retreating, and then ran away.

Mind-Enslavement Release Edit

After Horace defeated Morgarath in single combat, the Wargals were released from their mind-enslavement, quickly dispersing harmlessly away from the battle.

As for their origins, it is only known that Morgarath found them in the Mountains of Rain and Night and used them for his battle.

Appearance Edit

The Wargals are described as a bear or large dog-like humanoid creature with a snout and dark hair. They have small red eyes that glow with dull hatred. Despite their large size, Wargals are surprisingly fast in combat but their claws affected their accuracy when throwing rocks or javelins. Wargals also have opposable thumbs which allow them to grip weapons in battle. They also chant most of the time while they walk to make the pace for the others, such as when a sergeant might call the steps for the troops of infantry.

Most of the Wargals lack the ability of speech.

Trivia Edit

  • "Wargals" sounds like a portmanteau of the words Warg, large wolf-like creatures featured in 'The Lord of the Rings', and Urgal, intelligent humanoid creatures, similar to the Urgals, featured in the Inheritance Cycle.
  • The word is also similar to the Australian term 'warrigal', meaning a dingo or wild dog.
  • Wargals are scared of horses. This meant that surprise Calvary attack lead by Halt made them lose the Battle of Hackham Heath.

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