Toshak was a Skandian Jarl and the secondary antagonist in Erak's Ransom.
Erak Starfollower

Toshak helped abduct the Oberjarl, Erak

History Edit

Toshak was a Skandian jarl and one of the main antagonists in Erak's Ransom.  He is killed at the end of the book in a duel with Erak with him using an axe and Erak using a longsword.

Erak's Ransom Edit

He betrayed Erak to the Tualaghi in a plot to make himself Oberjarl. He was the head of Erak's opposition group, a group which wanted Erak out of power and which mainly consisted of Slagor's crew. The original plan was to give Erak a false schedule for when the caravans were coming to empty the Khadif's coffers at Al Shabah, and then tip off the Wakir to the fact that Erak is coming and have Erak captured and held for ransom. During the time it would have taken for the ransom to be paid, Toshak and his followers would start a whispering campaign against Erak, culminating with Toshak's election as Oberjarl, as he is the head of the opposition party.

However, Toshak made a pact with Yusal, a Tulaghi leader, and Yusal captures Erak as Toshak requested. Toshak then asks for all the prisoners to be killed, offering the entire 66,000 reels of silver contained in Erak's ransom to Yusal for that service. Toshak was planning to go back to Skandia and seize power himself, however, his plan was foiled when Will manages to stop his plan by killing Hassaun.

Toshak tried to escape on a horse but Cassandra uses her sling to hit the horse on the backside; the horse reared and skiped sideways and Toshak fell off. He was then challenged to a duel by Erak, Toshak using an axe and Erak using Mussaun's giant broadsword. Erak pretends to be weak and Toshak becomes overconfident, and is then killed by Erak who was stronger than Toshak through. In the end, Erak gives him his axe back so that his soul does not wander because Toshak fought well in the end, and that counts for a lot when it comes to Skandians.

Appearance Edit

Toshak is typically a Skandian; he is huge, powerful and fearless. However, he is a bit heavy.

In addition, his voice is surprisingly well modulated for a Skandian.

He uses a double-bladed battle axe in battle, and seems to have some skill with it.  But, he is no master with it, and his downfall was his lack of caution and subtlety, traits which he, like most Skandians, lack.

Trivia Edit

  • Toshak was defeated by the same person he abducted, Erak
  • Toshak is not even a real word