The Red Fox Clan (officially Ranger's Apprentice: The Royal Ranger 2: The Red Fox Clan) is the second book in the The Royal Ranger series. The book released on August 21, 2018. However, in Australia, it has been released early on July 2, 2018

Official Description Edit

John Flanagan returns to the world of Ranger’s Apprentice to find out what happens when Will’s apprentice, Maddie - the Royal Ranger - returns home to Castle Araluen.

The Kingdom may have been at peace for a number of years, but there are always those who would commit treason to take power for themselves. When Maddie learns of a plot against the crown, she must go undercover to find out more – and hopefully stop it. But going undercover isn’t easy when you’re the princess – even if you’re trained as a Ranger.

Following on from Ranger's Apprentice: The Royal Ranger is a second book of Maddie's adventures. Princess by day, Ranger's apprentice by night, Maddie must keep her identity secret at all costs, for the sake of the Kingdom.

Plot Edit

The book opens with a mysterious meeting among a group of rebels called the red fox clan. A man in a red mask shares his thoughts on a female leader. Then the book shows Maddie’s third year ranger Testing. During the unseen movement exercise a ranger stepped on her foot, and she cried out. This led to her having to retake the test in 3 months.