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The Outsiders were a cult group led by Tennyson.

Description Edit

For Information on the Outsider Religion, see Outsider Religion.

The Outsiders collected precious metals, especially gold, from villages. They said they needed it because it gave their god, Alseiass, the power to protect the village from Balsennis, Alseiass' mortal enemy. They fool the villagers by attacking the towns as Ballecenus' bandits, claiming that Alseiass will protect the village if offerings of gold and other precious metals are provided in order to make an altar. The bandit attacks will lessen and lessen, causing people to become more and more convinced, until the Outsiders have collected enough gold and leave in the night with it.

History Edit

The Outsiders are the main antagonists of The Kings of Clonmel and their leader Tennyson is the main antagonist of Halt's Peril.

Tennyson brings the group together and surrounds himself with several members who become his "priests"; he hires three Genovesan Assassins to protect him and carry out any dirty work he needs doing; and uses faked displays of power to convert hundreds of villagers to his cause, boosting his numbers until he has enough to try to unseat the king himself.

His plans are foiled by Will after he proves that Horace's drink was drugged by one of Tennyson's assassins. His converts turn on him and he is forced to flee Hibernia with his priests and the Genovesans, to Picta.

The Outsiders were eventually defeated and disbanded by Halt, Horace, Will and Malcolm in Halt's Peril.