Stig is Hal's best friend in The Outcasts.

History Edit

Stig, like Hal, lost his father. However, his father was an avid gambler and ran away, having stolen from his shipmates to pay his debts. His father was a disgrace in Hallasholm, and so he lived with his mother, left with nothing. Stig's mother did the laundry for the citizens of Hallasholm in order to earn money and survive. It is later revealed that Stig’s father, Olaf, had travelled to Byzantos and was employed as a royal guard at the palace. The emperor, it was said, favoured northmen as her guards because of their superior fighting abilities.

Stig cannot swim and was once saved by Hal. Stig was going poaching by stealing a fisherman's lobsters, but fell into turbulent waters. Hal dove off of the cliff to save him and brought him to Hal's secret fishing spot.

Description Edit

Stig is very strong and muscular, but he has a short temper. He can easily explode in anger, and most boys are wary of him. Hal is one of his only friends, until Brotherband training. Later on Stig learns to control his temper, which makes him even more of a formidable fighter. He has long blonde hair, blue eyes and is considered to be quite handsome.

Skills Edit

  • Weapons - Stig is a natural when armed with an battleaxe, similar to most Skandians. He is extremely proficient with it, often said to be the best fighter in the Herons brotherband (besides Thorn). He also is skilled in long-range combat, shown when he learned to use the Mangler in the 4th book. He is described as "He had a natural athlete's ability to judge a moving target's speed and direction, and aim his shot so that the projectile arrived at the same spot and same time as the target." Gilan even mentions that he might just be equal to Horace in Scorpion Mountain.
  • Wrestling - Stig is a natural at wrestling, however he is shown to lose when he does not keep his temper in check; as shown in his fight with Bjorn, the Wolf Team's wrestler.
  • Boxing - in The Ghostfaces, Stig was shown to be a decent boxer, where he knocked out the warrior Simsinnet with one blow, during a fight for the hand of the Mawagansett girl Tecumsa.

References Edit

  1. Stig is 16 as of The Outsiders, placing his birth at 635.