Skandia is one of the many countries featured in Flanagan's books. It is the home of the Skandians, a fierce and warlike people. They often grow long beards, train extensively in the use of huge swords, waraxes, and shields, and plunder other countries' coastlines with their wolfships. Skandians are known to wear helmets with two massive ox's horns on them and are usually fond of their helmets.

Etymology Edit

Historically, Scandia (or Scandza) was a name used by cartographers to refer to the Scandinavian Peninsula. 

Geography Edit

Skandia appears to be based on Scandinavia. In the east it borders the great mountains of Alpina, in the south the Stormwhite Sea, in the north to the Frozen Sea, and in the west to the country of Sonderland. In the Stormwhite Sea also lies the island of Skorghijl, which is also under Skandian control. 

The south of Skandia consists of hills and plains, but the north consists of pine forests.

Government Edit

In the Skandian government, skirls (wolfship captains) hold some influence over politics. They can grow in rank to jarls, meaning nobleman. The Oberjarl, lord of all captains, rules from the nation's capital Hallasholm and is considered the "king" of Skandia politically, but is elected instead of being given the position by birthright. The Hilfmann is the advisor of the Oberjarl.

The skirls are relatively free and most of the time can do whatever they want, but swear allegiance to the jarls and the Oberjarl.

Religion Edit

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The Skandian's are polytheistic and follow the Vallas, as well as several other gods. The most solemn vow a Skandian can take is the Vallasvow.

Skandians believe that if they die in battle and do not have a weapon in their hand, their soul will wander forever, and never find peace.

History Edit

Araluen and Skandia have traditionally been enemies, as Araluen was a popular target for Skandian raids prior to the Treaty of Hallasholm. Gallica, Teutlandt, Sonderland, Iberion and even Arrida are also common locations for Skandian raids.

The Temujai have tried to conquer Skandia through history, but it came to a real war in Oakleaf Bearers. With the help of Will, Halt, Horace, and Evanlyn the Skandians stopped the Temujai attack.

After the battle, Jarl Erak became Oberjarl, as the previous Oberjarl had died in the fighting. He agreed to a treaty between Araluen and Skandia, known as the Treaty of Hallasholm, outlawing massed raids against Araluen by wolfships and discouraging individual raids. In addition, a force of fifty Araluan archers was to be stationed in Skandia year round in case of attacks.

References Edit

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