Sir Rodney is the Battlemaster of the Redmont Battleschool and a knight of Araluen.

History Edit

In The Ruins of Gorlan, some time after accepting Horace Altman as his apprentice, he sets out with Baron Arald and Will to kill the two Kalkara after the latter arrives at Castle Redmont with urgent news. When they find the last one, (Halt had killed the first), they rush at it. Arald is incapacitated and Rodney is hypnotized after accidentally looking into its eyes. Will narrowly saves his life after lighting its highly flammable hair on fire with a flaming arrow and pushing it back into the bonfire Halt had lit previously.

Description Edit

Sir Rodney is a brave and courageous man and very loyal to his friends and fellow knights. He is a man of action and battle yet he also is very shrewd, as seen in the first book. When Will is concerned that he is getting all the praise after the boar hunt while Horace, who played a key part in that conflict, got none, Sir Rodney is well aware that Horace was just as courageous as his friend.

Relationships Edit

Baron Arald Edit

His relationship with the Baron of Redmont is extremely close; they share work while keeping their separate jobs. He is very loyal to the Baron and the two are good friends who have worked together for many years.

Horace Edit

Sir Rodney is known to care for Horace and Horace in turn thinks of him as a father-figure. Rodney is very proud of Horace and all the young knight has accomplished and is a very enthusiastic wedding guest at Horace and Cassandra's wedding.

Halt Edit

With Halt, he is on friendly terms but is not a close friend; they hold a level of mutual respect for each other that is extremely high. Halt's relations with most of Rodney's trainees is as an observer and nothing more; he is, however, extremely proud of Horace, despite the fact that he gets frustrated with him. When Halt was banished in The Icebound Land, Rodney told Horace to bring Halt a letter of support.

Will Edit

His relationship with Will is a friendship of admiration, pride and loyalty. This is shown when he apologizes to him for initially denying him a place in Redmont's Battleschool. Rodney's relationship with Will is deepened by the fact that Will saved both his and the Baron's lives in the first book.

Family Edit

He is known to have been married, but his wife died a while back; he is remarried some time after The Kings of Clonmel to a "rather attractive widow".