Seacliff Fief is located in the extreme south east of Araluen. It is a small, island fief that is laid back and quite lazy. Nothing much happens in the fief, and it is considered a backwater. The fief is accessed through a ferry. A creek runs through the middle.

Description Edit

One of the smaller fiefs of the kingdom, Seacliff is garrisoned with 25 men-at-arms, 15 archers, 10 Battleschool apprentices, and 6 knights. The Battlemaster of Seacliff is Norris, and the Lord of Seacliff is Baron Ergell. Nothing much happens in Seacliff, which is why the fighting force stationed there are very unfit and very poorly trained. Nevertheless, after the raid of Gundar Hardstriker and the Wolfcloud, the force is once again back on track.

However, one of the things that Seacliff excels in is the Kitchen, which has 50 apprentices. Kitchenmaster Rollo is one of the best cooks in the kingdom, second only to Master Chubb and Jenny of the Redmont Fief.

Castle Seacliff is a small castle with no soaring towers or anything overly impressive. One section of the wall is made of timber -- wooden tree trunks set vertically and bound by a rusty iron bracket. This is one of the first fiefs that a newly graduated, old/retireing, or incapitated Ranger is assigned to.

History Edit

Bartell was stationed at Seacliff before Will was placed there during The Sorcerer in the North and The Siege of Macindaw. In Halt's Peril, Will goes back to the Redmont Fief to help Halt, leaving the newly graduated Clarke in charge.