Saxe Knife Blades

"It's both weapon and tool - a sea ax, originally. But over the years the words sort of slid together to become saxe."

Halt O'Carrick, The Ruins of Gorlan

The Saxe knife is a large Skandian knife and tool. Originally called the "sea axe" by the Skandians, over the years the words were put together to form term saxe. The Ranger Saxe Knife is made in the same style but using superior steel.

(Pg. 76 U.S. Paperback 1st edition, 2005)

Through the many parallels between the Ranger's Apprentice world and ours, the Skandian Saxe is most related to the Viking Seax. There is a difference between the Skandian Saxe and the Rangers Saxe. It has been found that the Vikings adapted the Seax for their needs and gave it a "broken-back" style, which closely resembles blade "e". If the parallel exists in the Ranger's Apprentice books then the Skandian Saxe should closely resemble blade "e" also. On the right is what a Viking Seax looks like.

It is 15 inches long


Viking Era Saxe Reproduction