Redmont fief is one of the 50 fiefs in Araluen and is ruled by Baron Arald.

It is a large fief. The Northeast border is shared with Whitby Fief.

Map of Castle Redmont and Wensley Village

Wensley Village Edit

Wensley Village is home to the townsfolk of the City of Redmont. The Battleschool is situated on the western outskirts of Wensley outside the huge gate that leads beyond the castle walls of Redmont. Jenny's Restaurant is also in Wensley Village

Castle Redmont Edit

Because it is made of ironstone, Castle Redmont is said to glow a reddish color when the sun is at a particular point in the sky. The word Redmont translates in French to "red mountain." It is built in an odd way, as a triangle instead of the classic square, but just as protective. Inside the Castle walls are a few buildings not including Redmont keep. There are three dormitries for soldiers and other of the sort. There is also a small parade ground that is used for special occasions.

Some one hundred people are employed there.

Rangers' Cabin Edit

Halt's Cabin

Outside the walls of the castle is Wensley Forest, on the outskirts of which is the Rangers cabin, where Halt O'Carrick, the current Ranger of Redmont Fief, lives with his apprentice, Will in books one through four and also in book seven. Later on Will is made a fully qualified ranger and given the responsibility of looking after Seacliff Fief before being re-posted to Redmont Fief. When the two (Halt and Will) are sent off to different countries, Halt's first apprentice, Gilan, comes into Redmont to look after it until the two return.

  • In The Lost Stories, it's remains are found, hundereds of years later.

Inhabitants Edit

It is a large fief garrisoned by 500 men at arms, 250 longbowmen, and 100 knights. It is also expected to supply 1000 men at arms, 500 longbowmen, and 200 knights in times of war.

The Redmont Fief Ward is a home for orphans, outside the main villiage. The most recent known inhabitants of the ward were Will Treaty, Horace Altman, Alyss Mainwaring, Jenny Dalby, and George Carter.

List of Known Inhabitants Edit