Lotte Ilafsdotir is a Skandian girl who lives in Hallasholm.
Hal Mikkelson 2

Hal has a crush on Lotte

History Edit

The Outcasts Edit

She appears briefly in The Outcasts when Hal, who has a crush on her, gets the opportunity to talk to her after showing off his boat The Heron. Her and Nina were waiting near the beach for Hal and Stig. Stig and Nina leave together, leaving Lotte and Hal alone. They talk briefly, and Lotte asks Hal if he'd take her sailing one day. Before he can respond, Tursgud, interrupts, claiming that Lotte was "his girl," angering her. When Thorn arrives to break up the fight, he sends her away.

The Hunters Edit

In The Hunters, Lotte and Nina are shown to be jealous of Lydia because both Hal and Stig have fallen for Lydia.

Description Edit

She is the same age of Hal and has a slim figure with blond hair that has a hint of red in it.

Trivia Edit

  • As her last name is Ilafsdotir ("Ilaf's daughter"), it can be assumed that her dad is called Ilaf.