Kloof first appears in the fourth installation to the series, The Slaves of Socorro. She is a Bernese mountain dog that startles Hal as he is walking home from Ander's shipyard. She follows him home and he convinces Karina to let him keep her. She gets her name from her distinctive bark. She is assumed to have had a previous owner because she responds to some commands that Hal gives her. She is a huge, white and black dog that has tan spots above her eyes.

Later, in a cove up the coast from Socorro, she saves Edvin's life when a group of Asaroki attack the Herons. She leaps over Edvin and mauls the attacker's sword arm, therefore incapacitating him for the rest of the fight.

She also has an affinity for chewing the belongings of others. This almost gets her into huge trouble when she ruins Erak's new walking staff, to which he has become very attached and his battle-axe from his grandfather. She also shows a special interest in Thorn's boots until he finds a way to deter her. She is very playful and loves to play tug-of-war, which shows her great strength when she bests the combined forces of Hal and Stig.

Kloof would also be sure to have been trained as a hunting dog as shown in Scorpion Mountain, when she retrieves the prey without eating it and is very quiet.