Hal Mikkelson

Karina's son, Hal

Karina Mikkelswife is the mother of Hal.

History Edit

Karina is Araluen, but was kidnapped during a Skandian raid and taken to Skandia as a slave, where Mikkel fell in love with her and bought her free. Although Thorn also fell in love with her, Karina and Mikkel married and bore a son, Hal. Mikkel was killed four years later when he and Erak's crew attempted a raid in Santa Sebilla.

Description Edit

Karina is a strong-willed, determined, and also caring person. She is often quasi-angry with Hal, especially when Hal installs an invention and he appears to have missed a few 'small details', as shown in the third chapter of The Outcasts when he floods her kitchen when he was testing a new invention.

She owns an eating house in Hallasholm.