George Carter is a kind, affectionate, and studious
Emperor Shigeru

Emperor Shigeru of Nihon-Ja who George accompanies

 boy who appears in The Ruins of Gorlan and The Emperor of Nihon-Ja. He is an old wardmate of Will, Alyss, Jenny, and Horace.  

History Edit

The Ruins of Gorlan Edit

He always had his hopes set on Scribeschool and he was accepted by the Scribeschool master, Nigel, to join it. The second time he appears in the Ruins of Gorlan, he has lost his shyness and is now comfortable with speaking in front of people.  

Erak's Ransom Edit

George is present at Will's graduation as a Ranger but plays a minuscule part in the celebration.

The Kings of Clonmel Edit

George is only mentioned in this book; Alyss informs Will that George has become one of Redmont's greatest district attorneys. 

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja Edit

In book ten, he accompanies Horace to Nihon-Ja as his protocol adviser. Later in the book, he is wounded by an arrow, saving Horace's life from one of Arisaka's Senshi. He offers to stay and help Emperor Shigeru, but Horace convinces him to leave as he would be a burden and would slow the group down. Horace shifts some of the blame onto the horse George was riding. George accepts the fact, almost immediately thinking up a good way to find help and follows through with the plan to contact the Silasion Council's fast messaging system. Later, help does come in the form of Will, Alyss, Evanlyn, Halt, and Selethen. His ultimate fate is unknown, he may have been killed by Senshi, went back to his home, or stayed in order to study the culture.


Horace, whose life he saves

Trivia Edit

  • George is John Flanagan's least favorite character, even though George seems to have developed an impressive fan base.

-I’m amazed by the number of people who want to see George again. He was just there to make up the numbers in the Choosing Day scene in Book 1. Frankly, I found he was boring in the extreme and was glad to see the back of him. There! I’ve said it! No more George! He does get a mention in Book 8, but everyone falls asleep at the mere thought of him. (No, just kidding about that last bit).

-Are you going to reveal more about Foldar?

-I doubt it. I think he’s locked away in a room somewhere with George.

-Will you kill off any of the main characters – for instance, Baron Arald or Erak or maybe King Duncan?

-Aaah, that’d be telling, wouldn’t it? If any of them annoy me too much, I could do it. I might kill off George, now I come to think of it.

Description Edit

George is very tall and painfully thin, and highly intelligent boy with glossy, black hair and usually has his nose in a book when he's not working as a district attorney.