General Haz'Kam is the main antagonist in The Oakleaf Bearers.

Shan Haz'kam's men drawing up for battle in Skandia

History Edit

He was the head general of the Temujai force of around six thousand men in Oakleaf Bearers that were planning on invading the whole hemisphere, starting with Skandia. It is unknown exactly why Haz'Kam chose to attack the powerful Skandians first, though it might have been for their wolfships, which would give them control of the seas. The Temujai could then reach the prosperous and powerful country of Araluen. Another theory is that Haz'Kam simply wanted to destroy the Skandians so he would not have to put up with them later. The final theory is that Haz'Kam did not want to expose the back of his army to Gallica and Celtica, two countries that have defeated the Temujai before.

Normally, Haz'Kam and his army would have been enough to win, but Halt's strategical intelligence, the might of the Skandians, and the force of a hundred archers Will Treaty trained and commanded managed to make the task much more difficult and potentially devastating for the army. The Battle for Skandia could still have been a victory for the Temujai, but Haz'Kam realized that if the battle came to an end, his army would not have the strength to conquer any other country or return home, so the Temujai retreated back to the Eastern Steppes while they still could.

Description Edit

Haz'Kam is in charge of the Temujai force which attacks Skandia. He is a good leader and strategist but his plan fails somewhat during the course of the fourth book during the battle with the Skandians. He is good at disguising his emotions as it is not polite for a general or commander of a Temujai army to show emotion.

Trivia Edit

  • The invasion Haz'Kam led was actually the second invasion force the Temujai tried to conquer the hemisphere with.
  • Haz'Kam has several sons, at least one of whom died in the Battle for Skandia.
  • He expressed more strategical thinking than most other Temujai.
  • Haz'Kam and Yusal are the only main antagonists so far who have not been killed.