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Will Treaty

Will Treaty was an Araluen ranger who was trained by Halt O'Carrick and was close friends with Cassandra and Horace Altman. He later married Alyss Mainwaring.

As a first-year apprentice, he helped slay the Kalkara in the ruins of Castle Gorlan, personally killing the last of the terrifying beasts. Later, he and Cassandra played pivotal roles in the defeat of Morgarath by destroying the bridge across the Celtic Fissure. Both were then captured by Erak Starfollower and his crew and taken to Skandia as slaves. After escaping, they helped defend Skandia from a Temujai invasion, leading to the formation of the Treaty of Hallasholm. During his final year as an apprentice, he helped to rescue Oberjarl Erak Starfollower from the Tualaghi.

Upon graduating, Will was assigned to Seacliff Fief. Soon after, he, with the aid of Alyss, helped foil a Scotti invasion in Norgate Fief arranged by the treacherous Sir Keren. When Crowley Meratyn formed the Special Task Group, Will was the second to join it. Their first assignment of the Task Group was breaking the Outsiders' hold on the Hibernian Kingdom of Clonmel, as well as remote parts of Araluen. Following this success, the group fought in the Nihon-Jan Civil War, supporting Emperor Shigeru and Will struck the final blow when he killed Arisaka.

Will took on Madelyn Altman as his apprentice, making her the first female ranger. Together, they took down Jory Ruhl's slave ring. Later, he and Maddie were assigned a mission to free the Gallic prince from a troublesome Gallican noblelord. With the help of Halt and Horace, they were able to succeed and return the prince to his father, the King of Gallica, exposing in addition the role of Prince Louis in the capture. Sometime after this, Will and Madelyn, during an expedition to investigate the rumors of direwolves in Celtica, thwarted the plans of Arazan, banishing the sorceress and the demon she had summoned from the face of the earth using the arcane arts. (Read more…)

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