Edvin is a member of the Heron Brotherband.

History Edit

Edvin is average. He is picked last at sports not because he is being picked on, but just because he is forgotten. He knits and though his crewmates make fun of him, he gets his long awaited revenge when he is wearing a warm cap and everyone else doesn't have one (The Hunters). He is the ship's healer and cook.

Description Edit

He has average skills in academics and sports and is quite shy. He is also known to be very smart. Edvin doesn't spend too much time in sports; he really likes to read, and he knows how cook very well.

Skills Edit

Edvin is mediocre with his Brotherband weapon, a sword. However, he proves to be more than useful as he develops a knack for other things uncommon in Skandians, such as healing and cooking. Both prove to be invaluable: cooking because no others can really make a good, coherent meal, and in book three Ingvar is in dire need of someone like him. Also in The Hunters, it's shown that Edvin has an extraordinary skill—he can knit! Thus come the uniform headgear of the Herons: dark wool watch caps, later with a Heron patch on each of them. All the Herons received a cap, including Thorn and Lydia.