Will Treaty 11

Will, Daniel's son

Daniel is Will Treaty's father. He was killed by Wargals in the First Araluen Civil War after saving Halt's life.

History Edit

He saved Halt from being killed by Wargals and was very skilled with a spear. He was not given training with the sword or quarterstaff but was able to use them both to good effect. He was described as having the "speed of a leopard," and was very courageous, saving Halt from the Wargals who fled after several of them were killed, all the time while bleeding from a large wound in his side. As he was dying, he told Halt he had a wife who was soon to have a child; Halt went to her but she died after saving Halt's life when Jerrel tried to kill him.

Will has always idolized his unknown father, imagining him as a great, glorious knight. As a result, Will was desperate to enter Battleschool, before becoming a Ranger's apprentice.

Skills Edit

Daniel was a sergeant with the Araluen army. Even though he was never trained as a knight, he killed multiple Wargals with a sword (a knight's weapon) and more with a spear that he was forced to use as a quarterstaff when Wargals chopped the blade of the spear off. Daniel may have been clever and observative, having caught Jerrel and Kord in their games of dice, noticing that the dice were loaded.