Halt O'Carrick 2

Halt is a Craftsmaster

There are several craftmasters in every fief of Araluen. They each have a special craft and train apprentices. Some craftmasters run schools and have large numbers of apprentices (such as a Battlemaster or Scribemaster), while others focus on one apprentice (such as a Ranger). It is said that in many fiefs the craftmasters rival each other, but in some fiefs like Redmont Fief, the craftmasters get along very well. With the exception of Rangers, all craftmasters are to think of the baron of the fief they live in as their boss.

Like said above, there are several craftmasters with a large variety of jobs. There is one of each type of craftmaster in every fief. The different craftmaster types and their jobs are:

  • Battlemasters - is ready for battle and train knights
  • Heads of the Diplomatic Service - Handles diplomatic activity and serve as a courier
  • Horsemasters - Trains the powerful battlehorses the kingdom's knights ride
  • Kitchenmasters - Cooks for the main castle of the fief you serve in
  • Rangers - Gathers intelligence, maintain order in your fief, and in times of war, lead armies or be a scout
  • Scribemasters - Acts as a lawyer, and write important documents
  • Armourer - Make armor for soldiers of the fief.
  • Blacksmith - Crafts weapons and tools for the fief.

Known Craftmasters Edit