Map araluen

Celtica boarding Araluen

is a small country bordering Araluen.

A map of Celtica.

Geography Edit

Celtica is a country southwest of Araluen, located on the same island. Its border with Araluen is its only. The rest of its boundaries are formed by the sea. It also borders the Mountains of Rain and Night where Morgarath was driven back after being exiled. Celtica is separated from the Mountains of Rain and Night by the Fissure, a crack in the earth that runs into the sea. Celtica's buildings are mainly made of stone as the scarce amount of timber available is used for holding up the coal and iron mines.

Culture Edit

How closely related Celtic and Araluen culture remains uncertain, though the key difference appears in the Celtic love of mining. Due to their love of mining and working with iron, their craftmanship may outstrip Araluens, though there has been no mention of this in the books. This is also the reason Morgarath's Wargals invaded, to use their mining skills.

Politics Edit

Celtica is ruled by King Swyddned. His daughter is Princess Madelydd. The form of government in Celtica is the Celtic Embassy, which has an old saying. "One man may be deceit, two can be conspiracy. three is the number I trust" meaning the Embassy will allow no less than three people to bring dispatches.This tradition is due to the fact that the periods of dating advice Celta, where they, the Scottis and Hibernians were allies ruled by a triumvirate. Celtica's villages are all ruled by a Riadhah, who has absolute control over the village.

Military Edit

As Gilan often says, "Celts would rather dig their land then defend it." As a result, King Swyddned doesn't keep a large standing army, preferring to use every available man for mining. This is why Celtica was so easily overrun by Wargals in Book Two.

Religion Edit

Celtica has its own religion which has something to do with the gods of fire and iron. The architecture of temples to these gods includes a spire.

Trivia Edit

  • Celtica is likely to be based on Wales.