Castle Araluen, situated in the centre of Araluen Fief in the Kingdom of Araluen is the capital of the country and the seat of King Duncan's rule. It is the most impressive castle in all of Araluen. It is built of huge blocks of honey coloured hardstone and has huge towers and buttresses with an almost lifelike grace to them. Despite it's beauty, it is almost impenetrable and has a small army to guard it. The Semath River also flows trough the castles village.
Castle Araluen

Castle Araluen is Beautiful and easily defended

Defences Edit

This castle is the most heavily defended in all of Araluen. There are massive walls, and high towers, which allow the defenders scores of places to pour or drop water, boiling oil, arrows and rocks on invaders. There are several fall-back positions (i.e. several sets of walls) which adds to the time that the Castle can withstand siege. It is also protected by a small army, the Royal Guard of Araluen, who are elite soldiers including men-at-arms, archers and mounted knights.

Throne Room Edit

The throne room is increcibly vast - possibly the largest room in Araluen. It is the place where King Duncan holds his official court, and there is room for several hundred courtiers to stand, and benches and tables for members of the King's Cabinet, such as the Royal Battlemaster, Sir David of Caraway (Gilan's father), and the Baron of Redmont Fief, Baron Arald.