Blaze is Gilan's bay mare, meaning that her body, neck, face and legs are brown, with a black mane, tail and stockings above her hooves. She also has a long strip of white from her nose, up between her eyes, and stopping just before the mane; this is a "blaze".

Like the Ranger who rides her, she is tall and easily amused. She, like all Ranger horses, will also listen and respond to a single touch or sound. They are all quite similar in their personalities. Blaze, more often than not, is mistaken for a male in several books.

Relationship Edit

Gilan Edit

Gilan and Blaze very close to each other like in most Ranger-Ranger's Horse relationship

Gilan, Blaze's owner

Others Edit

Blaze is very close to Tug and Abelard, just as Gilan is quite close to both Will and Halt. Blaze's code phrase is "Brown Eyes".