The Bedullin roaming the Arridi desert

The Bedullin are a group of desert nomads who roam the deserts of Arrida, possibly related to the real-life Berbers. Though they are powerful warriors, they rarely fight. They entered into an alliance with the Arridi to defeat the Tualaghi, another tribe of violent nomads who specialize in quick, merciless raids. The Bedullin help Will defeat the Tualaghi a second time because they feel guilty, having accidentally led the Tualaghi to capture the party he was with. They found Tug wandering in the desert, and they took him in, claiming that he was theirs. The Bedullin are not particularly loyal to anyone,even though they are allied with the Arridi. They are nomads and follow their own rules. They are all avid gamblers, however, and Will challenged the new owner to a race and won Tug back.

They are based on the Bedouin tribes of North Africa.

Noteable Bedullin Edit